About Us1

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

EMPOWER2Evolve is dedicated to resolving the struggles that come from the “invisible barriers” that frequently impede an organization’s success. Invisible barriers may not be readily apparent and can be challenging to diagnose, but they are nonetheless very real and so is their impact. These barriers manifest in a variety of ways but commonly involve one or more of the following:  interpersonal relating, communication, leadership and culture.

The Founders of E2E noticed these patterns over the course of their careers and developed a curiosity about why these invisible barriers existed.  Rather than relying on theoretical models, they started on a path to determine how to identify and resolve these barriers by working side by side with leaders, managers and individual contributors actually living the invisible barrier-driven struggles that are commonplace in business.  What emerged from that process was a concrete set of realistic tools, techniques and methodologies we now deploy to help our clients change ineffective dynamics and drive more impactful results.  In short, we partner with our clients to evaluate, address and eliminate invisible barriers so they can realize the full potential of high performance within their respective organizations.

Our Founders

Ann Mosso is a collaborative, process-driven leader who partners with her clients to understand the root causes of business challenges, including those related to people, and provides coaching, guidance, and practical recommendations to help them achieve their business and personal goals. With a keen ability to facilitate alignment across diverse perspectives within organizations, Ann collaborates with leaders and teams to resolve conflicts, break down barriers, and foster trust. With a passion for empowering individuals and organizations to evolve and thrive, Ann brings a wealth of experience in driving positive change. Her expertise lies in identifying underlying issues, developing tailored strategies, and implementing effective solutions that lead to sustainable growth and success. As a trusted advisor, Ann combines her strong analytical skills with her empathetic approach to understanding the unique needs and aspirations of her clients. By fostering open communication and creating a safe space for exploration, she helps individuals and teams unlock their full potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve breakthrough results. Her dedication to empowering individuals and organizations to evolve and thrive sets the foundation for a successful partnership.

Ann currently volunteers as an entrepreneurial Financial Coach for Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute and as a Community Mentor in the Think Like a Genius Challenge for Colorado Young Leaders. Previously, she served as the Board Chair of Child Advocates – Denver CASA for 7 years. She’s passionate about giving back to the community. She strengthens the organizations she volunteers with through driving change around best practices and encouraging innovative thinking.

Prior to starting EMPOWER2Evolve, Ann spent 10 years serving clients in a management advisory and client service capacity. She also spent several years working in private industry focused on process re-engineering and merger integration. She started her career with PwC in their Audit practice where she was promoted to Senior Manager and worked in both the Denver and London offices. Ann is an active CPA and has an MBA from the University of Colorado Executive Program.

Scott Richardson is a dedicated servant leader and an expert in driving personal and organizational evolution. With a deep understanding of the underlying causes of challenges within organizations, Scott specializes in empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to overcome communication and people issues that hinder growth and success. As a passionate advocate for servant leadership, Scott believes that true leadership begins with personal evolution. By focusing on outcomes rather than problems, Scott empowers his clients to become the best versions of themselves and unleash their full potential as servant leaders.

Scott’s unique approach to leadership development goes beyond breaking down silos and building alliances. He fosters a culture of collaboration, trust, and empathy, enabling individuals and teams to thrive. With his expertise in servant leadership, Scott equips his clients with the tools and strategies needed to create positive solutions that drive organizational success. Scott is dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to embrace their role as servant leaders. His passion for personal evolution and his unwavering commitment to servant leadership principles make him a trusted guide for those seeking to make a lasting impact in their organizations and communities.

His 40 plus years of experience in the military and fire service, some of those being in a combat environment, have given him the ability to deal with complex and challenging situations in a very productive way while keeping things in perspective. This experience translates into a high-level of expertise in teamwork, communication, planning and strategizing that he uses to coach and mentor his clients.

Scott is passionate about service – both giving back to the community and as a respected servant-leader as a Division Chief for South Metro Fire Rescue – where he believes he works for his team members, not the other way around. He also volunteers for many philanthropic organizations with the goal of giving to others first and empowering those less fortunate. He is also a Colorado Governor’s Fellow. Prior to starting EMPOWER2Evolve, Scott spent 15 years consulting and training for Emergency Services Agencies.  He holds an Associate’s degree in Public Safety, as well as a BA and MA in Organizational Management from Ashford University.