“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” –Henry Ford

Our services are tailored for companies to help them achieve higher performance through increased levels of team performance, leadership effectiveness and a culture of engagement.

Project Teams

A high-profile project is already stressful enough, but if you add dysfunctional team dynamics and a leader that has never been taught how to effectively build the people side of the equation into the project, that’s a recipe for an unproductive team, potential project overruns, burnout and turnover.

We’ve been there – we were that team leader, made the mistakes, learned from them and developed a set of realistic tools, techniques and methodologies we now deploy to help our clients change ineffective dynamics and drive more impactful results. Our experience in the corporate world includes working with many high-performing individuals who were:

  • Focused on results
  • Decisive
  • Planners
  • Drivers
  • Analytical

These people are your star performers, they get projects done on time. But at what cost? Projects are completed through brute strength, long hours and a burned out team. When team members have time to breathe again, are they out looking for another job? Was the project team one that was motivated and driven and working in their “flow” – their highest levels of productivity? Are the team members engaged now? Excited about their next project? Or hoping for a new opportunity?

We partner with our clients to evaluate, address and eliminate invisible barriers so they can realize the full potential of high performance within their respective organizations.

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“The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other.” –Thomas Stallkamp

Building a High-Performance Culture

Delivering high-performance business results has a direct correlation to company culture and behaviors. There are many different components to building a high-performance culture starting with a compelling “why” that your employees can believe in, integrating that through your strategy, down to each employee’s expectations, and then providing them managers that can:

  • execute on strategy and lead their teams through that change;
  • communicate with radical transparency;
  • develop a connection with their employees and help them develop their careers;
  • provide sincere recognition and feedback; and
  • hold themselves and their employees accountable.

Consider a case study of a publicly traded company.  There was a mission, vision and values that their people could believe in; executives that empowered their teams to deliver by using their own creativity; and employees that made decisions living the company values.  The Founder was focused on:

  • growing the business for the long-term;
  • building great client relationships;
  • investing in the employees;
  • keeping the culture strong; and
  • refused to focus on short-term results as you see with many publicly traded companies.

It’s no surprise that the company grew, employee satisfaction was high, client expectations were exceeded, and the company was delivering value.

However, as soon as the economy went into a recession, investors put pressure on the executives to focus on share prices, so decisions were made based on quarterly results. This new singularly short-term focus eliminated investment in the employees, leadership stopped empowering employees to make the best decisions for their people and clients, and the culture that once drove excitement and passion for the organization, eroded away.

Short-term decisions made in haste to deliver quarterly results stagnated their company. Moving away from values and empowerment created disengaged unmotivated employees that left as soon as they found better opportunities.  This could have all been avoided if their culture was one of the key elements of a strategy that balanced short-term and long-term results.

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