Non Profit


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

Non-profit organizations, their staff, volunteers and donors help to provide the hope and love that creates a ripple effect out into the communities we serve. Imagine the impact we are having. . .making a difference just one person at a time.

Our services are tailored for non-profit organizations to propel them into higher performance through enhanced staff, volunteer and board engagement and empowerment.

Non-Profit Staff

  • We work with the staff to create stronger and more productive teams and develop a culture of engagement – all aligned with your organization’s mission, vision and values.
  • We teach, coach and mentor your staff to be better volunteer managers and coaches.
  • See more information about our services to Empower Your People.
  • See more information about our services to Evolve Your Organization.


  • We develop empowerment training, also integrate with your current training in order to shift your volunteers’ perspectives.
  • We provide group coaching sessions to further integrate the concepts in the training into their interactions with your clients.

Non-Profit Boards

  • We work with the board to create a stronger and more productive team – enabling them to help drive the organization forward.
  • We develop board member recruiting plans as well as on-boarding and training for new board members.
  • We help plan, manage and facilitate the strategic planning process.
  • We help plan for Executive Director transitions as well as assist in a transition.

Changing Your Perspective

It takes courage to love and have compassion for those who do not yet love themselves, but that love and compassion is transformational to those we reach.

Let’s work to ensure the impact we’re making in our communities is empowering. There are so many well-meaning volunteers, giving of their hearts and time. But when we view our clients as “victims” we are holding them in that space, as if they have no power to be anything except where they are. We need to create awareness with the staff and volunteers to shift our perspective.

Many non-profits have clients that have been victims of circumstances, victimized, emotionally abandoned and have been disappointed so many times they don’t know what hope is…and if, as we help them, we continue to look at them as “victims,” that’s what they will believe they are. As children we could be told a multitude of things as we grew up…and we believed everything. We didn’t know how to discern our own truth from someone else’s truth or hurt, we had no boundaries so we took all of this on ourselves. What these clients need now is validation, someone to help them see that they matter, to make them feel accepted, loved and appreciated.

So what happens if we do everything we can to offset those “victim” stories and other negative untruths with a message of empowerment? Day after day we, as volunteers, spread a message of hope that our clients aren’t their surroundings, or what has happened to them. They aren’t the negative messages. We help them break the codependent cycle. We show our clients they get to choose the way they think about themselves, show them that they are love, loved and lovable and that they have value. Teach them how to love themselves and have self-worth and boundaries. We stop the cycle…of violence, of emotional abuse, of neglect, and replace it with love, hope, support and empowerment. Imagine. . .

“If you tell yourself something often enough you will start to believe it, that is why you must make self-love your mantra.” – Leon Brown